EcoWasher® Elite

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This highly oxidized water will kill odor-causing bacteria and viruses while simultaneously deep cleaning and protecting laundry with Germ Shield Technology™.

EcoWasher® ELITE maintains bright colors and soft fabrics without the use of laundry detergent!

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  • EcoWasher® Germ Shield Technology™– Advanced nanosilver ions create a powerful invisible shield that disinfects and protects your clothing! this antimicrobial agent works to kill and repel odor-causing bacteria, germs and viruses!
  • Sterilizes and disinfects
  • Deep cleans laundry with no use of detergent
  • Decontaminates and purifies
  • Conserves energy and protects the environment 
  • Adds no pollutants to the water
  • The EcoWasher® ELITE works automatically. After proper installation, simply operate your washing machine following the manufacturer’s opening instructions. The EcoWasher® ELITE will turn on automatically while water is flowing through it. *Note: Blue light will only appear while water is flowing through the unit.

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Weight 2.34 lbs
Dimensions 473.075 x 241.30 x 101.60 in


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